Det tog inte lång tid innan Nicke Andersson återvände till Sticky Fingers, och denna gången med det hypade bandet Lucifer!


Originally, LUCIFER formed in Berlin back in 2014 consisting of singer Johanna Sadonis and members from Cathedral, Angel Witch and Ladytron. The first 7inch single ‘Anubis’ and debut album “Lucifer I” were released by British label Rise Above Records, quickly establishing the group as a promising new act offering excellent 1970s hard rock with a good dose of proto metal and doom added to the mix. Citing Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Öyster Cult, Lucifer’s Friend, Steppenwolf, 70’s Heart and Fleetwood Mac as inspiration, LUCIFER corrupted the souls of many and achieved international recognition on tours through Europe, USA, Canada and Japan.
With a shift of constellation within the band in 2016 and Johanna Sadonis moving from Berlin to Stockholm, LUCIFER are now ready for an exciting new chapter in their career. With Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, Entombed, Imperial State Electric, Death Breath etc.), Sadonis found a congenial new song-writing partner, and “Lucifer II” turns out to be a strong sonic statement.




V8’s and Black Sabbath. 
These are just two of the many things that helps us to create the heavy boogie hard rock that we play!

We play loud, heavy, dirty, soft and melodic hard rock that fits most of the occasions there is.
So if you are in need of a four piece band that delivers a ride just like Stuntman Mike."




Högenergisk och punkig stoner med en god dos attityd utlovas av den ett år gamla kvartetten Electric Hydra från västkusten. 

Singeln World Domination, inspelad och mixad i anrika Nacksving studios släpptes i maj och nya fräscha låtar är inspelade och håller på att mixas för att släppas inom kort.